Friday, February 15, 2013

updates on harper - pottying, school, and miscellaneous musings.

Updates on Harper:

Pottying - 
Harper went pee pee on the potty for the second time this past week. It's been about 2 weeks since her first foray into peeing on the potty (see here for that post).

She was sitting on her potty and she peed. I think she was a little freaked out about it. She put her hand in her pee stream and looked a bit horrified. I displayed a positive, cheerful attitude which seemed to calm and reassure her that everything was okay and that this was a good thing. We then put a sticker on her sticker chart.


We used these same sticker charts with Hayden when he potty trained. After "making business" on the potty five times you get a sucker. Obviously, she has yet to earn a sucker, but that's fine. At this point in time, we encourage her to sit on the potty a few times a day and if she pees or poops then that's great - if not, we are happy that she tried. Eventually, I think she will get accustomed to this idea and we will move on to actually potty training. Right now it's more for practice and fun. 

School - 
Harper will be going to school 3 mornings a week next year (starting in Fall 2013). Right now she goes 2 mornings a week. This change is what I wanted and it will be GREAT for her. She loves school. She is much more of an extrovert than her brother and she craves people and interactions. This is good for her and like I said, it's what I wanted. BUT, the change still makes me sad. I am going to miss my little girl. I am enjoying her more and more now as she gets older and can converse with me and communicate with me. At the same time, I know that those 2 days a week in which she doesn't go to school are going to be wonderful. The quality of those moments is going to improve. Those days will be good - really good. So even though I am a little sad about this change, I am also happy. And it is what I want. 

Miscellaneous Musings - 
Harper is talking much more now. She says two phrases that are absolutely adorable - "Where go?" and "(Missing person/item) where are you?" She says these phrases often. They are part of her vernacular.

Also, Harper is now officially off the bottle. Finally! She has been off the bottle for a little over a week now. We just did it cold turkey and it worked. She was able to reason it out - so to speak. We now read books before nap and bedtime as opposed to drinking the bottle. It's been a good, easy transition. My little girl is really growing up!

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  1. Maybe I should try stickers with Jade! She's been having some success at home, but I think it's mainly coincidental. :) Still trying to figure out a way to show her that this is what the cool kids do - ha!