Thursday, February 21, 2013

a lame life? i don't think so, but sometimes it feels that way.

I have a friend who is training to climb Mt. Denali - which is a really big deal for those that aren't aware. I have another friend who lives in Italy with her husband - she does theater and travels and is about to have a baby. I have another friend who is a "friend of Mickey" at Disney World - she plays Ariel in The Little Mermaid show at Hollywood Studios. 

I have friends and family members who work and do impressive things - they go on work trips, to conferences, conduct trainings, and in general have these jobs that add a certain level of intrigue and significance to their lives.

Then I am asked what I do. What do I do? What is my job? As a stay-at-home mom, I feel silly replying to their queries. I feel like I don't have anything neat or interesting to tell people about my life and what I do.

My life (in general) is all about my kids and simple mundane things. Like right now I am sitting on our sectional, typing this post, while Harper takes a nap. Thrilling. Huh? 

I like my life and it makes me happy, but it doesn't sound very impressive or compelling.

In addition to my primary role as a stay-at-home parent, I also do a lot of volunteer work. Thinking about my life, I do feel like I am making a difference - both as a stay-at-home mom and as an active volunteer. 

And don't get me wrong, I love being a stay-at-home mom/volunteer extraordinaire. I feel fulfilled and the things I do bring me great joy and happiness.

But at times, when I am asked about "what I do" and "my job", it's hard when I have nothing really interesting to say. 

People don't want to hear about how I took my daughter to story-time at the library, made her a snack when we got home, made her lunch after playing in our playroom, read her books before nap-time, put her down for a nap, wrote a committee report related to a volunteer position I hold, picked up her brother from school, and came home and made them a snack.

Being a stay-at-home isn't glamorous or fancy - at least not the way I am doing it. And that's okay. I'm really not a fancy person. But sometimes I do feel lame in comparison to my friends or family members who have these intriguing jobs or fascinating lifestyles. I try not to compare my life with theirs - but that's not always easy.

A special note to my mom: This post is not a cry for help and I do not want to go to Law School. This post simply represents a reflection on how I sometimes feel. Nothing more, nothing less.


  1. melissa, for what it's worth, i think your "job" is one of the most important in the world! be thankful that you don't have to work outside the home, and are able to be at home with your sweet children. too soon they will be grown and away! cherish these times!

  2. I can completely relate with you as a mother of two myself. Sometimes you can't help but wonder, am I significant? But you know, the best parts of you are those little kids and you influence their lives in such a big way, isn't that significant? I think that being a mom is the most difficult job there is. :-)

  3. I have a friend that lives in Ecuador and choreographed a video for One Billion Rising. She gets to do amazing things and have amazing adventures.

    And while there are times when I wish I could do those things, I also know that I'm happy with my life and the things I do. I feel like I make a difference.

    We just have to remember how lucky we are! Being a stay-at-home mom is hard work and something not everyone could do. You're amazing!

  4. I totally agree. My husband has this totally awesome and incredibly respected career and it's really hard for me to answer, "I'm a Stay at Home Mom." As if I didn't do or don't have anything to do all day?!

    I started answering I'm a "child development specialist" to strangers that was so interesting seeing the difference in their reaction when it came out that I was "only" a stay at home mom.

    I finally realized that "only" being a mom is crazy and one of the most beloved positions ever.

    I have a highly respected career too. I'm the mom to four children under 7 all day and all night with the best payment system ever - kisses and hugs and memories.

  5. Can I just say that every time I get to spend time with you and your family, I am in awe of your life. Just putting it out there.