Wednesday, January 30, 2013

tooth fairy time!

Hayden lost his first tooth yesterday! It happened at school, so I wasn't there to experience it but he did tell me about it. He was really excited and I was too - I was probably more excited than him! 

The tooth he lost isn't the first tooth that was loose. The tooth right next to it has been loose since a little before Thanksgiving, but apparently this tooth was ready to come out and come out it did. The other tooth is hanging on tight! 

The two permanent behind those two baby teeth have been showing for a few weeks now. They broke through and are ready to assume their positions. Now he just needs to lose the other tooth - the tooth that was his first loose tooth. I imagine it will come out very soon.

So the tooth fairy came and visited us last night and she left Hayden $1.50. I'm not sure how that compares to other households, but I think it was reasonable.

And he seemed happy with the loot.

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