Sunday, December 30, 2012

re-gifting party 2012.

Last night we celebrated our 8th annual Re-Gifting Party.

We had a lot of fun.

I talked with my friends and thoroughly enjoyed myself!

In case you are curious, here are the logistics of our re-gifting party: party-goers bring a wrapped gift that they would like to re-gift. The gifts are labelled according to what gender the receiver should be (either male, female, or neutral). Then we take turns picking gifts and unwrapping them. Sometimes the gifts are funny, sometimes they are actually pretty decent... but whatever they may be they are things that the original recipient did not want. 

The kids do it too - although next year we may just have the mommies draw names ahead of time and pick out other kids' names and buy presents for particular children. With the different ages and genders it makes it tricky to re-gift with them...

Anyhwo, back to the party. It's fun and in jest and everyone seems to have a good time - at least I think they do.

Here are some pictures.
me joining the kids as they ate their pizza
Dave, Aixa, and Will

Courtney and Jeff
Hayden, Harper, and Parker

Aixa on the plasma car being pushed by Harper
Courtney, Jamie, Ryan, and Jeff
Jack and Hayden
the boys.

myself, Courtney, Jamie, and Leslie

the boys are being "tough guys"
tough "manly men" - Hayden wanted to get involved with the action

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