Thursday, December 20, 2012

our home - a facelift.

Over the past few weeks, we had our home painted. It was quite the process and A LOT of work, but definitely worth it. Randy and I are very pleased with the result and several of our neighbors have even complimented the final product.

So without further ado, here is what our home looks like now:

For reference, here is how it looked before: (Note: We had to have the tree seen below in the before picture removed about a month ago.)

Here are two detail-shots.
we had the ceiling of our porch painted a light blue
we had the "keystone" painted an orange that is very similar to our orange retro furniture that is on our front porch

The siding is now a medium-grey with the accent color being a light grey and the trim white. The accent color of the light grey is painted on the insets of the home - there are insets in the front of the home and on the sides.  Here is the house again so you can see what I am describing:

Before, the house was sortove yellow and yellow-green - only two colors. There was the yellow as the trim and the yellow-green was the siding color - there wasn't as accent color. See:

Soon, I will post about the work being done in our backyard - the carriage house/carport that we are building. It is a downright construction zone back there!!!

P.S. Chris Smith Painting, Inc. was the painting company that painted our home. They did a wonderful job. You can contact them at 479-502-0788. I would definitely recommend them!


  1. LOVE IT! We recently painted just the trim on our home and ... oh man what a task!

  2. I love love love the new colors! They look great. And OH MY GOODNESS your backyard is such a mess right now...I'm feeling for you.

  3. It's a beautiful home either way...but a fresh coat of paint always freshens things up a bit :)