Tuesday, December 18, 2012

mid-december vent.

My schedule is crazy and busy.

We are building a carriage house behind our home. It's a carport with an addition above it. The work being done is extremely overwhelming. It is a mess - literally. I am living in a construction zone. We don't have a fence right now, so now I have to walk Alfie and some times it's really cold outside!

My husband isn't happy with how things are going with the construction and is honest about those feelings. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but when he is constantly complaining, it starts to wear me down. The negativity isn't helping me. And the project just started a few weeks ago.

We can't afford to do a component of the project (the deck that would tie our current home to the carriage house we are building). It's an unfortunate issue, but it's reality. I am constantly reminded of that and that's not fun.

The Holidays are of course busy and stressful in and of themselves. They are also wonderful and fun and full of joy and cheer, but chaotic and anxiety-inducing nevertheless (for me).

We are driving down to Central Arkansas on Christmas day. It should be a nice 3-day trip and I am excited to spend time with my family and friends.

We are traveling to Disney World mid-January for a 10-day trip. I am starting to get stressed about it, especially the plane rides. We will have two flights each way - each about 2 hours (on average). Most of my stress and anxiety regarding the trip comes down to Harper and her behavior (crying, screaming, whining, tantrums). I hope she is manageable, but it isn't something I can predict or control.

Overall, I am trying REALLY hard to not feel overwhelmed - but I feel overwhelmed.

On a positive note, the kids are healthy and Harper has been "behaving" better in terms of her "fits"- she has been slightly less angry/demanding and slightly more compliant. I imagine this is more of a lull in her feisty-ness as opposed to a change in her temperament, but I will take it!!!

I suppose I shouldn't be so whiny - complaining and venting in this manner, but I need to get it out so to speak and this is the medium that works for me. So for those of you who are annoyed with the negativity, I apologize. I am indeed grateful for what I have and thankful for my blessings. Because I am blessed. Sometimes, it's just hard and I get stressed and feel overwhelmed.

The end.


  1. Oli was great on the flight to AR for Thanksgiving, but he was so tired (past his bedtime) on the flight back home that he got upset and was uncomfortable. He slept for half the flight, but was irritated for the other hour. It is what it is. I wish that was one area I had some control over, but I feel so helpless. Just have to hope that those around you also realize that as parents we are doing all we can do to help our kids stay calm and comfortable...sometimes they just aren't, though.

    AND you will be in our neck of the woods...sorta. That will be a fun vacation!

    Good luck with the addition, also. I loved the one you did with the old house, and I am sure this one will look great, too.

  2. I understand stress. I hope it all gets better soon!! We remodeled our main bath when I lived at home a few years ago, and it was terrible having so much going on inside the house for however many weeks it was.

    Glad everyone is healthy though. Seems like everyone here has the Flu. I'm trying hard to keep Bree from getting it. We don't get Flu shots...but the pattern seems to be that everyone who did get the Flu Shot is now sick w/the Flu.

  3. You are soooo not whiny! I would rather poke my eyes out than go on a 10 day trip with a large group of family to Disney World. Seriously. And construction/building always sucks too. You have every right to want to just kick and scream and run away at the moment....best of luck to you. =)