Friday, December 7, 2012

family christmas card picture - a new tradition.

Two weeks ago, my parents came over to start a new Werner Family tradition. 

About a month ago, Randy decided that every year he would like us to take a picture for our Christmas card wearing matching pajamas. I made his request a reality by ordering coordinating pajamas and the rest is history.

We took a lot of pictures the night my parents came over - they came over for the expressed purpose of taking the picture that would become our "family Christmas card picture" for our 2012 Christmas Card.

Following are the pictures that were eliminated from Christmas Card contention right off the bat:

After the first round of cuts, we came down to the Final 4:

We left the final decision up to Hayden, because we couldn't pick and he picked this one:

In theory leaving the decision up to Hayden, our 5-year-old son, might seem preposterous and we could have easily overridden his choice. But when I asked him why he picked that picture, his response made the decision easy. He said -  "I like it best because I am holding Alfie's hand."

How adorable is that?!? Super adorable in my opinion and his simple, matter-of-fact response made me smile. It wasn't even a hard question for him to answer. It was obviously the best picture in his mind and heart and it immediately became my favorite as well.

Happy Holidays from the Werners!

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  1. I loved getting your card out of the mailbox! I always look forward to your Christmas card :) You have the best picture each year and update. It's a nice way to catch up on what's going on with you guys. Really cute pictures, Melissa, on this post. I like the pajamas idea.