Friday, December 28, 2012

crazy christmas chaos.

Christmas was chaotic and crazy this year - although Hayden remarked that it was "the best Christmas ever." It was certainly eventful. 

To begin with, Randy's mom was under the weather so on Christmas Eve we went over to her home and enjoyed our Sonic/Taco Bell Christmas Eve dinner. Honestly, my cheeseburger from Sonic was really tasty so I have no complaints!!!

Harper got this Little Tikes car from Santa - I think it's probably her favorite present she received. Definitely a winner!
After opening presents at Randy's mom's we returned home and went to bed. Christmas morning we woke up to see what Santa brought. Very "normal" and expected and lots of fun.

The wrong item came for me - we are not the 'Pescaia' Family.
We then got in the car and headed down to Central Arkansas. The ride was a little scary as it started raining as we neared our destination. The rain then turned to freezing rain. Even scarier.

We got to my Mimi's around 2pm and had a nice dinner and celebrated Christmas with my mom's side of the family. Things weren't crazy or chaotic yet.

my sister and I with her little boy, Kennedy

We left my Mimi's around 5pm because the weather was getting a little dangerous (ice/snow) and we wanted to be sure we made it to Jacksonville safely (Jacksonville is about 20 miles from Little Rock). We also needed to get to Jacksonville to see what Santa had brought to that house.

We arrived safe and sound and enjoyed seeing what Santa brought.

Then we went to bed. At about 9pm on Christmas Day the electricity went out.

We woke up to this:

It was about 8 inches of snow - which is A LOT for the area. We still didn't have power. It was pretty darn chilly in the house and of course we didn't have any lights. We made do though and had breakfast and opened presents from each other.

The kids and men-folk even went outside and played in the snow (for a little bit).

The boys played Uno.

Wednesday afternoon, we went over to my grandma's - who also didn't have power. We opened presents and hung out for a bit.

Then we returned to the Jacksonville house and had spaghetti. We ate by candle-light. Still no electricity. It was about 56 degrees in the house.

We woke up Thursday, still with no power - although the homes a few houses away had power (their power had come back on Wednesday evening). It was now down to 52 degrees in the house.

We went and had breakfast at my grandma's. Her power had come back on the night before shortly after we left her home. We hung out in the warmth of her home and eventually returned to the Jacksonville house. We loaded up our car and headed back to Fayetteville around 1pm.

We are now safely home in the warmth of our home.

Hayden still contends that it was "great" and "the best Christmas ever" - it was definitely memorable, that's for sure!!!

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