Monday, November 5, 2012

eighteen months.

Harper Grace is now 18-months-old. Wow. She has grown and changed SO much in the past several months.

She runs. She climbs. She is everywhere and into everything.

She understands commands now though and sometimes listens to them and obeys. Sometimes.

We have started doing "get it togethers" with her - which is our form of time out (and is essentially the exact same thing as "time out" with a different name). She is not a fan, but she does seem to understand the concept and disciplining technique. It is our last resort method of discipline and only utilized when Harper is being exceptionally naughty or mean and only after being warned. So far, I think she has had to "get it together" about 4 times - all for throwing her toys in a mean, aggressive manner and not being able or willing to stop the behavior.

She talks and she sings. She says many words - too many to name. She puts together two-word sentences. She is my chatty little thing.

Some of my favorite words/phrases that she says are:
  • Oh no.
  • Where'd daddy go?
  • I don't know.
  • Night night.
  • Boo boo.
  • Trash.
  • Away. (She says this when she wants us to throw something in the trash.)
  • A-A (Alfie - our dog).
  • Uh oh.
  • What's that?
  • Who's that?

She likes to sing a song we sing at music class - Brown bear, brown bear what do you see? I see a rabbit hopping by me. Rabbit, rabbit what do you see? I see a little mouse running by me. Little mouse, little mouse what do you see? I see a hole in the ground can't catch me.

Of course she doesn't sing the whole song, but she does the first part and then wants me to sing it with her again and again. And she does the motions - she claps her hands to her knees to the rhythm and then puts her hands/arms behind her back when I sing "I see a hole in the ground can't catch me" because the mouse hides. It's pretty darn adorable. 

She is very friendly and enjoys people.

Also, she apparently has a boyfriend at school named Knox. When we say his name, she repeats it in this dreamy tone with this happy, ethereal expression on her face. Apparently, they kiss each other at school and Knox has picked up on some of Harper's expressions (at home, his mom noted that he says - 'What's that?' and 'Who's that?' just like Harper does). His mom said that she showed him a picture of Harper and he said 'Harper' - her name is the first kids' name he has said (and he has two siblings - he is part of a set of triplets). Then he put his cheek up to her picture as if to get a kiss. In a similar fashion, I showed Harper a picture of him and after saying his name, she kissed the picture (she actually kissed my phone because the picture was on my phone). How adorable are they?

As for school, Harper loves it and hasn't cried during drop-off since that first week. She happily goes in and sees her teachers and friends and plays. They have commented that she is a delight.

She likes to play with her brother and is somewhat infatuated with Alfie (our dog), her blanket, and her wine/whine stopper. She likes to go outside and play and she likes to be chased and run and tackle/be tackled (Hayden is good at this). Basically, she likes to be active and "do" - she likes to go. 

Funny thing, when we are stopped at stoplights, she gets frustrated and says "go" from the backseat. She has gotten extremely mad when the light has taken awhile to change - and has even started to cry when I couldn't comply to her demand to go. My mom says that I did the same thing as a toddler/young child. 

Harper goes to bed around 7:45/8pm. She still takes a bottle at bedtime and at nap time - which in general is from about 12:15pm-2:30pm. She usually wakes up for the day around 6:45/7am.

She now has almost 16 teeth. The 16th tooth (an upper canine) should break through within the next few days - I can see the white right under the gum.

Currently, her favorite foods are craisins and muffins (from Common Grounds - I get muffins from there and she likes to "share them" with me - basically she demands that I share them with her). Oh and M&M'S. She is slightly obsessed with the chocolate-coated candy - especially the red ones.

She is in Size 4 diapers and mostly wears 24-month clothes, and some 2T.

She has her second eye doctor appointment November 16th and her second dentist appointment January 9th (both are just regular check-ups). She will have her 18-month well-child check-up on December 3rd.

Overall, I would describe my 18-month-old toddler as feisty, energetic, smart, determined, observant, loving, and friendly. 

As an aside, here is a link to Hayden's 18-month-post if you want to check him out as an adorable toddler. 

And last but not least, here is Harper Grace at 18-months of age. My spunky little sprout.


  1. She's a busy one, isn't she? What a doll. Love it when you said she listens (sometimes). lol

  2. Such a cute girl! Kylie gets upset when we are stopped at stoplights (or for any other reason) too. She cries as soon as the car stops and is fine as soon as we are moving again. Long lights are hard to sit through!

  3. I love those last two pics! Can't believe she's 18 months!