Friday, October 7, 2011

picking pumpkins.

This week we went and picked out our pumpkin family. We do this every year. It is our tradition.

Last year, we used this tradition to announce my pregnancy. This year, we have no announcement. (Although we did add another "pumpkin family member" to the brood - Izzy. Izzy is my parents’ dog and is staying with us a lot this month. Hayden wanted to include her as part of the pumpkin family.)

Anywho - Harper was not in a smiling mood during our pumpkin picking adventure. Her face says it all. We did have fun though and Hayden picked out some fabulous pumpkins. His process is simple. He finds one he likes to represent a family member and he just puts it in the wagon. It doesn’t take him long and he doesn’t deliberate. He isn’t picky. He just finds “the one” and picks it.

Here are the pictures from our little family outing -

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