Wednesday, October 5, 2011

five months.

Harper Grace is 5-months-old today. She is currently weighing around 18.5 pounds (last month she weighed 17 pounds).

Currently, her favorite thing to do is stand up (with support). She just wants to stand. So I hold her hands and she stands.

She likes a few of her toys as well as the jumperoo and exersaucer. She has outgrown the bouncy chair, swing, and play mat.

She is not rolling over much (she might have rolled over twice in the past month). Rolling is just not her thing. She prefers to stand.

In general, she takes two (sometimes three) naps during the day. They are usually two hours long. If she takes a third nap, it's about 45 minutes in length. She goes to sleep around 8pm and wakes up around 7am. She sortove sleeps through the night. Sometimes she wakes up once and needs to be re-positioned. She isn't having a night-feeding anymore though. Of course, there are exceptions.

During her "wake time" in which she eats, she usually eats 6-8oz. of formula at a time. Although in the evening during her longest wake period she might eat as much as 15oz (during that whole period -not all at once).

She cries and fusses when she is tired, over-stimulated, or hungry.

And when she is teething! Harper now has two teeth - as you can see below. She is now working on her middle upper two teeth.

Her favorite person (by far) is Hayden. He is her entertainment. When she is fussy, we call on Hayden. He can generally make her smile just by loving on her. It's adorable. He loves his sister. Today he went through his "favorite people" and she was #1 (I came in at #7 after two dogs, Randy, and my parents).

Overall, she is a very good, happy baby. And we all adore her.


  1. So cute! I can't believe how big she's getting.

  2. Happy 5 months to Harper! she is getting more and more beautiful each day!

  3. I cannot believe she already has two teeth! Wow!!!

  4. she is rockin' the teeth.

    -randall k.

  5. She's beautiful! Just like her momma! ... Who by the way is totally one of my favorite people.

  6. Happy 5 months to Harper! I can't believe it's already been 5 months. Wow!

  7. WOW, 5 months! And TWO teeth! She looks adorable with her two teeth :) Sounds like she might be an early walker with all the standing. That's how Bro was. He crawled very shortly and then just started pulling up on stuff and was walking at 8.5 months. He's kept me on my toes ever since, though!!! hahaha

  8. OMG She is just too dang cute! How do you not spend all day biting those adorable cheeks?!