Monday, April 12, 2010

monday minute. the sex edition.

It's time for Ian’s ‘Monday Minute’.
Monday Minute

The rules are simple. Copy his questions. Answer them. Link back to Ian’s blog.

Here goes...

  • At what age did you lose your virginity? 18. I have only had sex with one person.
  • Any good sex tips or advice? Nope.
  • Lights on or off when you have sex? Light off… Definitely.
  • Have you ever been caught in the act of having sex? Nope. Although I have done “it” in a room in which another person was in there and apparently was aware of what was going on… I was a bit inebriated though and obviously didn’t care (this was many years ago… sorry Dave).
  • Ever catch your parents (or kids) having sex? Not to my knowledge.


  1. First answer ie awesome and I am happy for you too. Where's the Guy now? LOL jk

    Fourth one was great. I have been in the same room drunk and otherwisem...but it was.never me doing it.

  2. I was a little nervous answering some of these. You kept yours nice and sweet! Kinda like you...;o)
    Happy Monday. Hope you have a great day.

  3. Oh boy, I better not do this one ;) Agreed, though...lights OFF!!

  4. I am SO a lights off person too! Darn it, I picked a bad day to miss Monday Minute!

  5. I'm with you on lights off. Lights off, pitch blackness!

  6. Totally lights off or dimmed. Hmmm... I wonder why Ian chose this topic?

  7. I totally can't have lights on and never been caught either-eeek!

  8. yea. walked in on my parents once. when I was old enough to know what was going on. I will forever be scarred.

    And that's so awesome you've only had sex with the hubs. I waiting until I'm with the man I know I'm going to marry :) I'm probably the oldest living virgin hahaha. At least from our generation :)

  9. I was so going to participate in Monday Minute this week, but then I couldn't because of the topic:( Some people in my husband's family would have a hay day with this one!

    Go you for answering though! I wonder if it's possibly everyone has had inebriated sex while there have possibly been other people present? Because I know I have!

  10. Don't think I have ever been caught having sex or caught someone else doing so. Hope I haven't at least. Or maybe I was just too scarred to remember?

  11. Those were interesting questions. Lights really don't make a difference to me, since my eyes tend to be closed the whole time. Haha.

  12. You are officially my bravest friend.