Saturday, January 23, 2010

three years ago.

Three years ago today, on January 23rd, 2007 at 9:00 am, our son, Hayden Samuel Werner, was born. Weighing in at 7 lb, 12 oz. he was 19.75" long. He is now our little man, and he is amazing and wonderful in so many ways.

Check out the progression.

Birth Day (or at least VERY close to the day he was born):
First Birthday:
he got VERY scared and upset when we sang "happy birthday"
he didn't really like getting messy.
but he got used to it.
Second Birthday:
the morning of his birthday at our home eating his cupcake.
at his actual birthday party at Chick-fil-A.
Note: Today we will be celebrating his birthday and I am sure there will be a blog post in the very near future featuring this celebration.


  1. cute! hey, his birthday is just a day after my own!
    I am looking forward to seeing this years party post when you have time to blog :)

  2. Happy birthday, Hayden!
    Hope you guys have a fantastic day, and can't wait to see the celebration post/pics!

  3. Oh, what a sweetie!!!! It just goes by too, too fast!

    Will you cry? I started crying at the girls' birthdays once Sarah was born. I am such a sap!

  4. Happy Birthday Hayden! Enjoy, the grow up so fast!

  5. Happy Birthday Hayden!!!!
    I hope he has a special day:)

  6. Happy Birthday to him!!!
    What a doll.
    Hope he has a fabulous birthday extavaganza!

  7. Those are so freakin' cute! Love the ones of him crying in his high chair and the last one where he looks so happy and excited.

    Happy birthday to Hayden!!

  8. so so cute--i love little birthdays!

  9. Awe, Happy 3rd Birthday little man! He's so adorable! He shares a birthday with my little e, too! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

  10. What a nice post and great pics! Happy belated birthday!

  11. Happy Birthday sweet boy! I remember seeing that first year crying picture in our CafeMom forum, cracks me up. Poor little guy! But his face is priceless.

  12. He is born 1 day before Tristan but 6 yrs later! LOL! What a cutie!