Thursday, December 3, 2009

my “demanding” son

So the other night while we were putting Hayden to bed, Alfie (our dog) didn’t want to go to bed with him.

This did not make Hayden happy (in general, Alfie isn’t involved in this process and that’s not a problem but this particular night, Hayden really wanted Alfie to help him go to bed).

So Hayden says, in all seriousness with this stern look on his face, “You better go get him momma.” (note: Hayden has taken to calling me ‘momma’ lately as opposed to ‘mommy’. Very interesting).

I just looked at him, as Randy attempted to hide his laughter by placing a book in front of his face.

I did not “go get him” and Hayden coped with that. It was all quite amusing though to say the least.


  1. Yes, you have a very spoiled son. Hayden get's whatever he wants. You knew this before this incident!

  2. Momma is the more take me serious version of mommy,huh? LOL

  3. How funny!
    Kids say the funniest things... usually when they are dead serious.