Wednesday, March 18, 2009

riding, 'cash', and clubbin' it.

Sunday, Randy, Hayden, and I drove down to Central Arkansas (well more precisely, Jacksonville, Arkansas). There were two main reasons for this little trek, (1) to get my car serviced and (2) to meet baby Cash, my friend Katrice’s new baby.

And in terms of why I have to go to Central Arkansas to get my car serviced, there is not a Lexus dealership in Northwest Arkansas (I drive a 2006 Lexus 400h). So I can either take it to Tulsa or Little Rock. I have many friends and family that live near Little Rock, so I choose Little Rock. And Jacksonville is where I grew up and where our "family home" is so I have a place to stay. The choice is obvious.

That is beside the point. Needless to say. We went to Jacksonville.

The drive there (and back) was good.

Sunday night we went and saw Katrice and baby Cash. Hayden was very sweet with the baby… absolutely adorable. After our visit, we went and had dinner with my grandma and my Aunt Dottie and Uncle John... Dominos pizza. It was yummy!

Monday we went to The Wonder Place with my Mimi. It was a lot of fun. I will be posting a separate post on this outing later. Then we went to lunch. After that, we went home. Hayden “failed” to take a nap - not so fun.

Then we went to my friend Katrina’s home to check out baby Bronson’s room. Katrina is due in about 12 days… and Trina wanted to show off the baby’s digs. Katrice and Cash joined us. Again, Hayden was very sweet with the baby - and I got some pictures!

Monday night was Bingo Night at the Foxwood Country Club. It was the first time they had done this. It was fun (note: my dad owns the Country Club so we were there to support him as he tried out this new venture).

We hung out for awhile, but then we went home and went to bed.

Here is a picture of Hayden on Randy's head at the Country Club. Lovely!
Bingo apparently lasted until 10:30 pm, and went quite well. My sister, Mary, helped out. It was hilarious! She had on her green vest and was responsible for verifying the bingo winner. I think her title was "floor manager".

Hayden was really glad to see his Auntie M. At times, he has been wary of her, but not this time. He was calling out for her; wanting her to hold him. It was very sweet!
Hayden was also enamored with the golf carts. He kept wanting to watch them drive by. He would just stare out the window and watch them. A little odd, but cute nevertheless.

Then today, we drove back - after Randy played some golf. It was fun, but I have to say that I am glad to be home. I like the routine that being home provides. I am way too much of a home-body. I have serious issues!


  1. When are yall coming down this weekend? Friday or Saturday? Maybe Hayden could have a sleepover with Auntie M on Friday night! YES!!! I love the idea.

    Keep me posted.


  2. I grew up in jacksonville to. out by the back gate, does it blow your mind how big that place is getting? Every time I go out there it seems there is something new.

  3. I think I might beat you in a homebody contest. So glad the trip was fun!


  5. um, trip sounds like it was great... but can i have your hair?!?! seriously, your hair cut is the cutest thing!

  6. Katrice's baby is so little and cute! Its hard to believe Hayden was that small! Im glad Hayden is a good car rider!I never was.. and still am not!