Monday, September 8, 2008

a trim - finally.

A few weeks ago when I posted some pictures of Hayden my sister Mary posted that he was in serious need of a haircut. I knew that; however, his "hair stylist" Allison (who is also Mary's best friend) was getting married and VERY busy... so Hayden's hair had to wait...until now. He finally got a trim this afternoon thanks to Allison... he did not enjoy it (he cried, screamed, and squirmed the WHOLE time); however, that is not the point.

Here is the newly trimmed Hayden (again, my thanks goes out to Allison)... and check him out with his "baby" whom he loves dearly... SO sweet!

It might not seem like it's shorter, but trust me... it is!


  1. It looks adorable!! Tayson has had to have 3 haircuts already! His hair grows so fast! I love Hayden's baby, that is too cute!!

  2. It is super cute!

    And the baby is precious.

    What a sweet little man!

  3. Thanks, Melissa! We survived...although they let her sleep through a feeding yesterday so she was starving the rest of the day. I won't lie-- I had a moment of thinking that I was going to stay home and take care of her for the rest of her life after that, but we got through it! I saw her at lunch today and she was doing very well.

    I love Hayden's new do...he's so cute!!

  4. love the baby!! We had a great time playing in the wet grass and eating animal crackers!!!