Monday, May 5, 2008

random ramblings.

  • Random Rambling #1: I get up every morning early. Very early. Around 5:45 am. I do this so I can walk on my treadmill and have a little "me time" before Hayden gets up for the day. To many this may seem outrageous but it works for me. Anywho... so generally I get done walking on the treadmill at around 6:37 am, and Hayden gets up at 7 am (sometimes 7:15 am... which is "late"). Unfortunately, Hayden rises to the light. And the light has been coming earlier and earlier... hence, Hayden has been getting up earlier and earlier. For the past week, he has been getting up between 6:30 and 6:45 am... no good. My "morning me time" is gone. I do not want to get up any earlier... so I suppose this is yet another "sacrifice" I will have to make. Goodbye "morning me time"...
  • Random Rambling #2: My husband and I have been discussing when is the right time to have another baby... I had always thought that I wanted to have two kids and have them two years apart. Since having Hayden, I have changed my mind (not about the number of kids I want, but about the "age gap"). I do not feel that I could handle having another child right now. Hayden is a handful to say the least, and although I love him to death, 'Baby #2' will have to wait... but how long? This is a really tough question... and you never know how long it will really be (meaning that just because you start trying to get pregnant, doesn't mean you automatically become could take months or even years before that miracle actually occurs). So, after some discussion I think we have decided that we will start trying in about 2 years... so for all of those interested and wondering when 'Randy and Melissa' might be having 'Baby #2', it definitely won't be happening anytime soon... unless of course we get a big surprise (and that is not likely!).

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  1. Yeah, I'm hoping it works out to have her deliver...but sadly I have no control over that! The pictures of Hayden in the park are just precious!