Wednesday, May 21, 2008

busy weeks = stressed out Melissa... can she handle it?

I am going to be busy for awhile, and for those of you who know me, you know that I don’t particularly enjoy having a full schedule (and that is putting it lightly). I crave my down-time and desperately need time in which there is nothing going on. Those days are wonderful and I love them. Unfortunately, there won’t be many of those days in the weeks ahead (although the days will be fun and I will enjoy them, I will miss my “down-time days” which serve to re-energize me and keep me sane).

So what is going on for the next few weeks?... Here’s my schedule:
  • May 21st-29th… Rafting in the Grand Canyon
  • June 6th-9th… Dwell Conference in Los Angeles
  • June 13th… Me and my husband’s 5th Wedding Anniversary!
  • June 15th… Father’s day
  • June 16th-19th… Trip to Jacksonville, Arkansas with Hayden to visit family and friends
  • June 23rd-27th… Vacation Bible School (I am a leader)

So, words to describe this period in my life would be hectic, active, and eventful… which in turn tend to make me stressed, tired, and agitated… so, my husband is looking forward to this time… yay for Randy!... hopefully, I will be able to successfully utilize my “awesome” coping mechanisms and survive the next few weeks with little to no negative effects. I’m not betting on it though.

1 comment:

  1. I need my down-time too... I don't deal well with too much!

    Hopefully the time will pass quickly, and you'll be back to your old routine in no time!

    PS - Hayden's smile is SO cute!