Wednesday, August 24, 2016

losing teeth - harper.

Back on July 11 (which is embarrassingly long ago - I'm trying to catch up a bit on my blog and documenting our lives as of late), Harper lost her second tooth.

We were swimming in my parents' pool and out it came. It sunk to the bottom and she feared that it was lost forever. Fortunately, her brother was able to bring it back to the surface - making him her hero for about 5 seconds.
Then on August 9 she lost her third tooth - another bottom tooth. In looking back at the order in which the teeth erupted, the tooth was her third tooth. 

Fortunately, losing her second and third teeth weren't nearly as scary as losing her first tooth; rather, she was really excited and happy. 

As you can tell from the photos:

Monday, August 22, 2016

back to school - kindergarten and 4th grade

The kids started back to school last Wednesday. 

This particular year, the transition was especially significant as Harper started Kindergarten. Also, they are going to the same school - and this will be the only time they will ever attend the same school at the same time.

Suffice it to say, it was a big deal - both for them and me. 

I've been a stay-at-home mom for over 9 years. That is a long time. Harper had been going to school the past several years, but not full time. We spent a lot of time together. 

I keep thinking "they are gone" and picturing Harper in her chair last Wednesday on her first day of school. It's bittersweet. It's certainly nice to have more time alone to tend to the various tasks, projects, and responsibilities in my life, but I genuinely miss them - especially Harper.

She went off to school on her first day full of excitement and ready to start Kindergarten, but by the second day she was asking if she could please just stay home with me. She says that she misses me and she just wants to stay home. Of course that's not really an option so I've worked at cheering her on and up, and so far she has trooped off to school albeit a little reluctantly. 

She didn't use the restroom at school the first two days. She had said she was afraid to go by herself and she was worried that there might be spiders... We went and checked out the bathrooms and tried to reassure her that the bathrooms were perfectly sanitary and her teacher is trying to help her get over her apparent bathroom anxiety. Fortunately she did use the restroom Friday, so I'm hoping she continues to use the facilities as needed.

Hayden, of course, is perfectly fine. As a 4th grader, he is completely competent and far too cool for us. He's got his friends. He really likes his teachers, and he was overjoyed to get back to the delicious school lunches (I'm not being sarcastic, he loves the school lunches - especially the tacos, nachos, cheeseburgers, and chicken and waffles).

Prior to heading off to school on that first day of school, we had a brief photo session to capture the momentous occasion. 

Here are the results:
In case you are curious, Big Pinky is going to school with her. She stays in her backpack though... And according to Harper, Big Pinky loves Kindergarten and going to school.

For reference, here are Hayden's first day of school pictures from the past 4 years:

Third Grade:
Second Grade:
First Grade:

And here are Harper's first day of school pictures from the past 4 years:

Last year - when she was entering the "Younger 4s" Class:

When she was entering the "Younger 3s" Class:
When she was entering the "2-year-old" Class:
When she was entering the "Baby/Toddler" Class:

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Father's Day 2016

I took these lovely photos of Randy and the kids on Father's Day that were too cute not to post and share.
Along with those photos, it seems only fair that I post a photo of my sister and me with our dad from Father's Day. 
Good fathers are hard to come by and these two fathers are definitely winners. I'm a very lucky daughter and wife!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Harper's 5-year check-up

Yesterday, Harper had her 5-year check-up.

The appointment went well and she passed inspection.

She weighed in at 36 pounds (25th Percentile) and is now 3'5" tall (20th Percentile - same as last year). She has gained 3 pounds in the past year and has grown around 3". Her blood pressure was 98/58.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

swinging birthday girl.

I love these photos I took of Harper on her birthday. She loves to swing - which she noted is her favorite thing to do when I interviewed her this past week.

It's hard watching her get older, but seeing her happy and healthy - full of so much joy definitely makes it easier. 

Before her birthday, I was talking to her about how I was sad that she was growing up.

Wisely she said, "It's okay mommy. That's how life works. We have birthdays and we get older - and that's okay." 

She's right. It will be okay.