Wednesday, April 23, 2014

playdate fun.

With Hayden, we did a lot of playdates. At this point in his life, we were doing regular weekly playdates with two different little girls. He needed it. I needed it. It was our norm.

With Harper, things are different. Quite frankly, I don't have as much time to do playdates. I have Hayden to consider. He has to be parented too (obviously!). I'm also just busier. More volunteer activities and responsibilities. More work to do in general. Just more stuff, which means less free time to do playdates and other "nonessential" stuff.

That being said, I miss the "girl talk" associated with playdates - the conversations, support, and validation that is associated with communicating with another mom. And it can't just be any mom. You have to have some level of connection with the person. You have to like them and enjoy their company. That's kind of essential.

Fortunately, there is a mom, Katie, that I really like who has a little girl, Hazel, around Harper's age - actually they are exactly one month apart in age. Hazel is older. Her birthday is April 5th, while Harper's birthday is May 5th.

We have been getting together for playdates since they were born. We also have older children close in age and that is nice. We are able to connect and converse about that "topic" too.

We haven't been able to get together regularly, but we try - because we (both the kids and the adults) really do have fun together (at least I think we do).

Here is a picture of the girls taken at our playdate last week:

Here they are at what I think was probably the first playdate. They did a lot of playing.

They are about 7-months-old in this picture:

I think this was back in October of 2013 - they are about 2.5-years-old.

Girl time really is great - for everyone.

P.S. Harper and I have also been getting together with my friend Courtney and her little boy Griffin who will be 1 on June 14th and my friend's mom Pam and my friend's son Miles, who turned 1 on February 18th. Our triple dates are also awesome. I need to get some pictures to capture the moments! Katie had taken all the above pictures of Hazel and Harper - and I am so glad that she did. They really are adorable. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

the best Easter ever - even if you are sick.

Easter was this past weekend and it didn't exactly go as planned, but we still had a great time and Hayden said that it was the best Easter ever. 

The reason things didn't go as planned was because Mr. Hayden got sick. On Saturday afternoon, he starting running a fever so our plans had to be adjusted. 

We hoped that he would be well enough on Sunday to be able to at least "do" Easter with my parents and then with Randy's family, but unfortunately his fever came back Sunday and we weren't able to go to Randy's mom and aunt's home (although Randy and Harper went). 

Hayden and I also missed church on Sunday - and my mom was preaching. Definitely not ideal, but there isn't much you can do when sickness strikes. 

As for it being the "best Easter ever," the Easter bunny had never come to our home before. It had come to my parents' and Randy's mom and aunt's home, but not here. That's just what we had always done and it worked and was fine. Until this year. Earlier last week, Hayden asked me why the Easter Bunny didn't come to our house. He asked if it was because the Easter Bunny didn't like him. He said that it made him sad that the Easter Bunny didn't come here. Obviously it was time for a secret Target run! Suffice it to say, the Easter Bunny came and that made this Easter the best Easter ever!

Now for some pictures.

On Saturday (before we realized Hayden was sick), we took some family pictures before going to an Easter Egg hunt at Carnall Hall.

The following pictures are from the Easter Egg hunt at Carnall Hall. The kids had a great time and the weather was AMAZING! After the hunt, we had lunch with my parents and my sister and her family.

Pouty face Harper.

Here we are on Easter morning. The kids were SO happy.

Realizing there are eggs in the yard - Harper was pretty pumped.

Check out her feet. She is so excited and up on her toes. Adorable!

He LOVED these "jewel" eggs. He thought they were amazing.
At this point in the day, Hayden seemed okay and we went to my parents' to see what the Easter Bunny had brought. The dress Harper is wearing used to by my sister's. 

After coming home from my parents', we took Hayden's temperature and it was back to 101.8 which is when we realized that we wouldn't be able to go to Randy's mom and aunt's for Easter. 

It was still a great weekend though and I imagine that barring any illness, Easter 2015 will be even better!

Monday, April 21, 2014

bedtime routine and stories.

Usually, our bedtime routine consists of brushing teeth and putting on pajamas followed by a divide and conquer book-reading bonanza.

Since Harper has been on a major daddy kick, Randy and Harper go to her room and he reads a few books to her. Meanwhile, Hayden and I go to his room and we read together - I read some and he reads some.

The reason we don't read together is because of the material they are wanting to read - Hayden is into the My Weird School series while Harper's interest is a bit less "mature" and the books she prefers definitely have more pictures and less words. Chapter books really aren't her style.

Suffice it to say, we rarely read together - but maybe we should? Maybe once a week or something like that.

This past week, we did read together. Harper had received a book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, from an extremely thoughtful attendant at Baum Stadium (the baseball stadium where the Arkansas Razorbacks play) and we wanted to read it together.

Hayden actually ended up reading it to us. It was really sweet and endearing. After he read the book, I read If You Give a Cat a Cupcake (which we already owned) and If I Were a Kitty (a book that Harper has needed read to her every night for the past month). Then Hayden and I went to his room and read some more while Randy stayed with Harper until she fell asleep.

That's part of our bedtime routine too - Randy lays in bed with her until she falls asleep and then assuming he doesn't fall asleep himself, he comes into Hayden's room and hangs out with him for 5-10 minutes and I leave.

While I read to Hayden and Harper, Randy took some pictures with his phone. Priceless moments with the kids: moments that I definitely treasure and hold dear to my heart.

Friday, April 18, 2014

hayden and baseball.

Hayden started his baseball season this past week. His first game was Wednesday. He did really well. This year, they are using a pitching machine. This particular pitching machine is very inconsistent in the pitches and is difficult to operate. It's not ideal and it has a steep learning curve! 

Hayden was able to have one time up at bat, and on (I think) the 3rd pitch, he hit the ball. The other team fielded the ball and he got out at first, but he did really well. He is really good at fielding and throwing and with practice, will get better at batting. We are really proud of him and he is proud of himself - and he is having a great time. Hopefully he continues to enjoy this season of baseball. 

Before we left for his first game, we took some pictures of him in his uniform. He looks downright adorable. He did some interesting posing for the pictures that are quite amusing. He is definitely a character!