Monday, July 20, 2015

hayden and baseball.

Hayden's Spring/Summer baseball season has come to an end. He played with the Fayetteville Youth Baseball League on Trestle Tree. They didn't have a very good season and to be honest it wasn't the best experience for a variety of reasons, but he still had fun and enjoyed playing. 
Posing for some pictures at home before his last game:
This summer he also attended three different Baseball Camps.

The first one was at Fayetteville High School (and I don't have any pictures of that one). 

The second was with the Arkansas Razorbacks:
And the third and final baseball camp was with the Northwest Arkansas Naturals:
Now we are trying to figure out what to do in the Fall and going forward. He would like to play all year and with a travel team of some sort. We shall see. He doesn't play any other sports and really enjoys baseball - especially playing with other kids and for a team. And we want him to be active - although we also want him to work on being a good sport (he is a Perfectionist when it comes to sports and can be very critical of himself - exhibiting an attitude that is not appropriate and behavior that is not ideal). 

I think we will be able to work it all out - at least I hope we can!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

seventh annual triple anniversary dinner.

This past Saturday, July 11th, my parents, my sister and her husband, and Randy and myself gathered at James at the Mill  for our seventh annual 'Triple Anniversary Dinner'. 

This year marked the celebration of my parents' 35th Wedding Anniversary, my sister and brother-in-law's 6th Wedding Anniversary, and me and Randy's 12th Wedding Anniversary.

Being able to annually gather for the expressed purpose of celebrating our anniversaries is something I have really come to appreciate and enjoy. 

Part of this annual tradition involves the documentation of the updates provided by each couple. Every year, I take notes during our dinner and write a summary. Then the next year, I read the summary from the previous year's dinner (but not all the prior years, just the last year). It's always interesting - and surprising - to hear where we were just a year before. As couples, we then discuss the events and changes of the past year and where we are now. A lot can change in a year and so many things happen. It really is amazing.

To be able to share with my family where I am and what I am doing not only individually, but also as a family feels reassuring, validating, and freeing. 

For me, I think these dinners provide a time of reflection that help ground me to reality and that is something I really appreciate, value, and need. 

I'm able to enjoy a delicious meal with family members who I love, hear about where they are in their lives, and share with them where I am in my life. It really is a remarkable tradition.  

I hope the Annual Dinners continue as we celebrate each year with another special dinner as a trio of happily married couples. 

As for the actual dinner, it didn't disappoint. The food was delicious and the setting was delightful - as always.

Here are some pictures for proof:

Monday, July 13, 2015

fourth of july weekend at the lake.

Our Fourth of July was spent at my parents' Lakehouse with my parents and my sister and her family. We all had a good time. We spent time in the boat, on the shore, on the "island," in Eureka Springs, at the house, and in the hot tub. We had dinner with friends, watched fireworks on the lake, and experimented with pop-its and sparklers.

According to Hayden, his favorite part of the weekend was "going really fast on the jet ski." The boy isn't lying. He likes to go REALLY fast on the jet ski. He definitely has a need for speed!

Harper noted that her favorite part was playing with her cousin Kennedy - which is probably true. She especially seemed to enjoy playing in the hot tub with Kennedy. 

Suffice it to say, our Fourth of July weekend at the lake was a success. Lake days are happy days.